Chessex 36D6 12mm Borealis Purple w/White (36)

Chessex 36D6 12mm Borealis Purple w/White (36)

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Chessex 36D6 12mm Borealis Purple/White

These purple die with gold sparkle feel great in your hand and make casting fireballs easy.
Numbered 1 to 6 with traditional dice pips etched into the surface of the dice.
36 dice and 1 plastic display case included with purchase.

Note: each die is designed to have a unique look. Color and patterns will vary but the overall scheme will remain similar.

*CobbCo makes no guarantees or warranties that these dice will not betray you at a critical moment. All die have personalities of their own and it is up to the owner to impart knowledge and luck into the die.