G-made 70080 2.2 G-Air System (All-in-1 Box)

G-made 70080 2.2 G-Air System (All-in-1 Box)

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Gmade 2.2 G-Air System (All In One Box)

Bighorn tires are high grip tires designed for various rock crawlers & trucks
These tires are made of super soft compounds for good grip over all kind of terrain
Large, deep lugs provide exceptional traction in rock, mud, and dirt
Bighorn tires are arguably the best rock-crawling tires available
You can adjust air pressure easily for tire performance over all kind of terrain
True beadlock wheels - No gluing Dual side beadlock system Black surface
Great for Rock crawling Fits 12mm hex hubs
All in one box (2.2 G-Air system beadlock wheels (4), Bighorn Rock Crawling Tires (4), Air pump).

Includes: 2.2 G-Air system beadlock wheels x 4 Bighorn Rock Crawling Tires x 4 Nylon beadlock rings x 8 Stainless steel silver round head bolts x 64 Stainless steel silver cap head bolts x 24 Metal stoppers x 4 Air pump x 1 2mm allen wrench x 1 Operating instructions.

Wheel Specs:

Width: 34mm
Diameter: 55.5mm (2.2inch)
Offset: +6.5mm 12mm hex mount

Tire Specs:
Tire Height: 136mm(5.3")
Tire Width: 59mm(2.3")
Inner Diameter: 56mm(2.2")