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Green Stuff World Metal Filters for Models and Miniatures: Set of Interference Colors 10129

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Green Stuff World Metal Filters: Set of Six Interference Paint Colors

Transparent acrylic paint filters with a metallic finish that modify and metalize the paint color they cover. Apply on top of other flat, metallic colors, or colorshift colors. Mixed, or applied successively, they create new combinations. Shiny metallic finish. Works with brush or airbrush.

They work similarly to our Chameleon Colorshift paints, but they are just one color, and the chameleon effect is achieved through the combination of the base color and the metal filter. You can apply them to any flat color to essentially turn it into a Chameleon Colorshift of your own design.

It is recommended to apply over dark colors for full effect. Over black you'll only see the tone of the metal filter. Over other dark colors you can create many combinations, we encourage you to experiment as the possibilities are endless!

17ml Blue Interference
17ml Purple Interference
17ml Turquoise Interference
17ml Green Interference
17ml Gold Interference
17ml Red Interference