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Green Stuff World - Chameleon Metal Paint Emerald Getaway 1609 for Models and Miniatures

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Colorshift Chameleon Metal Paint – Emerald Getaway. Chameleon metal paints create a color shifting visual effect depending on the viewing angle. Good for brush and airbrush. Best results will be obtained with Airbrush. Shake well and apply over BLACK basecoat. Use gloss black basecoat to increase the effect. Semitransparent chameleon paints can be applied over other basecoat colors to achieve different color shift effects. Paint very light coats till maximum color shows and basecoat is no longer visible. Each coat should be dried before applying the next coat. Varnish when paint is totally dry. Contents: Acrylic COLORSHIFT™ Chameleon color with ultra fine pigments. Non-Toxic Water based paint. Non-Flammable. No Latex. 17ml