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Sector Rogue Trader and Championship Program

Starting in 2024 we will implement our Championship Program for Warhammer 40k!

 Players attending tournaments will earn the following points:

1 point for attendance

1 point per match win

1 point for taking first place

-1 point for unsportsmanlike conduct

1 Point for Defeating a Sector Bellerophon Rogue Trader in a match 1 point for being MVP

 Near the end of the year the top 10 players with the most points will compete in the store Championship to become a Sector Bellerophon Rogue Trader.

 This title comes with the following perks! 10% off Games Workshop Products 5% off all Green Stuff World Products The title lasts until lost in future Sector Bellerophon Rogue Trader Specific Events. There is only so much room for Rogue Traders in Sector Bellerophon