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Arena Games Planeswalker Program


Arena Games Planeswalker Championship Program

With the start of the New Year 2024 we will implementing our Planeswalker Program for Magic the Gathering

Players attending Tournaments, FNM, Weekly MTG Days, will earn the following points:

1 point for attendance “Friday, Wednesday, Mondays”

1 point per match win “Tournaments Only”

4 points for taking first place “Tournaments Only”

-2 point for unsportsmanlike conduct

2 Point for Defeating an Arena Games Planeswalker in a match “Tournaments Only”

Near the end of the year the top 10 players with the most points will compete in the store Championship to become a Arena Games Planeswalker. Our goal is to host Commander, Modern, and Standard events every month to encourage the growth of multiple formats and give equal opportunity to all members of the local MTG community. The championships will be using the Sealed or Standard Format. To be determined.

This Arena Games Planeswalker comes with the following perks! 20% off Magic the Gathering Sealed Packs. 10% off Dragonshield, GameGenic, 10% off in-store Magic the Gathering Singles. Exclusive access to future Planeswalker events and promos.

There can only be so many Planeswalkers at Arena Games. There will be 6 slots for Planeswalkers, upon obtaining a 7th Planeswalker. There will be a Planeswalker Tournament, where the bottom Planeswalker drops from the program, and the top Planeswalker will receive a boon.