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Warhammer 40K Arena Games Lore and League

Welcome to Sector Bellerophon

Hello and Welcome! Sector Bellerophon is a fictional setting within the Warhammer 40k universe that represents Arena Games in a budding organized play league. The premise is this: individual stores throughout our region- and eventually the country- become sectors that provide a narrative framework for organized play. Whether you are a local player keen to join our community, a player from elsewhere eager to launch and attack on our sector, or a 40k enthusiast hoping to start something similar in your own area the videos and write-ups linked below should be of interest.

To enter our Sector Page Please: Click Here

On our sector page you will find: Store Events, Lore, Sector Intro Video, and much more!

Teaser Video

 Sector Promo With In-depth Explanation "Make sure to Subscribe and Follow: Craftworld Eldar Youtube Channel"