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Necromunda Gang Wars

Necromunda Gang Wars


Across the blackened industrial hives, gangs continually fight for the control of territories, Enforcers fight to execute the rule of law and the tentacles of insidious cults worm their way through the populace. It is a world where the most that anyone can hope for is survival, and so it has bred people who are true survivors.

Necromunda was founded some 15,000 years ago as a mining and manufacturing colony. In the millennia since, mountains have been reduced to rubble for the ore they contained and seas have been turned into oceans of chemical sludge. Across the plains, huges city structures known as hives pierce the skies. In the lower levels of these cities, billions live, work, fight and die without ever seeing the light of day.

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Games Workshop VAN SAAR ARCHEOTEKS & GRAV-CUTTERS 300-71 This 138-part kit makes two Archeoteks and four Neoteks. It comes supplied with four 32mm Necromunda Bases, two 25mm Necromunda Bases, ...