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Load image into Gallery viewer, Green Stuff World for Models & Miniatures: Paint Remover 2103
Load and play video in Gallery viewer, Green Stuff World for Models & Miniatures: Paint Remover 2103

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Green Stuff World for Models & Miniatures: Paint Remover 2103

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Green Stuff World's Paint Remover in 240 ml

Green Stuff World Paint Remover, removes acrylic, enamel, and lacquer-based paints.
Completely safe for miniatures in plastic, resin, or metal. Can be reused several times with minimal evaporation.
Minimal odor.

**The painters in the store swear by this stuff!"

Submerge miniature in the paint stripper/paint remover for 1 to 6 hours depending on the paint type, rinse with water, and remove excess with a synthetic brush. Can be repeated if all paint is not removed.

Content: 240 ml

- The product has been tested with a large number of plastics, metals, and resins; however, new formulas and qualities of plastics and resins continue to appear on the market. If your resin is very brittle or weak and you are in doubt about the strength of your plastic or resin, test a small piece for less time to confirm its strength.
- If the figures were spray-primed, after removing the paint figures could show defects in the plastic or resin due to the strong propellants used in spray paints.