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Hello Patrons, you will see most GW products are missing on the Website. We were just informed by GW that retailers are only allowed to use their retail packaging photo and we are only allowed to list box contents. As a result we are having to delete most GW products from our site. We will be creating the products on the page to meet these requirements. This will take time. Please contact us via Chat or Call the shop for stock.

Hours of Operation

Arena Game RC Stadium and Recreation:

Soft Openning Starting Monday the 23rd! Grand Openning will come shortly after the installation of Techno Hunt Archery Simulator.

Monday-Sunday 12pm - 10pm

Times may change once we establish the flow of customers and peak times.

Arena Games Hobby and Gaming Store:

The hobby shops hours will vary depending on players at the tables. If there are active players at the tables, we keep the doors open. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays we are open as late as 11pm. Always call to the shop after 6pm to see if we are open later.

Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 6pm