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Commander League Ravnica at War! January 8th - February 26th

Ravnica at War Commander League!

It is time for the next Commander League at Arena Games! This season is Battle of the Guilds and is also our first big event to be included in the Arena Games Planeswalker Program. Come to the Arena and spin our sorting wheel to be given your guild colors and begin putting together your strongest deck to ensure your guild reigns supreme!

The Guilds consist of:

(W/Blue) Azorius Senate, (Blue/Blk) House Dimir, (Blk/Red) Cult of Rakdos, (Red/Grn) Gruul Clans, (Grn/W) Selesnya Conclave, (W/Blk) Orzhov Syndicate, (Blue/Red) Izzet League, (Blk/Grn) Golgari Swarm, (Red/W) Boros Legion, (Grn/Blue) Simic Combine

  • January 8th 2024 through February 26th (8 Weeks) Commander League Championship Night March 4th (Week 9)
    • We understand everyone has busy schedules and may not be able to make it every Monday. Players will have until the following Monday to make up any games.
    • If you are unable to get enough players to make up the game prior to the following Monday, you will be awarded points equal to the lowest points earned that week + -1 pt.
      • Players who have already completed the week’s games cannot participate in makeup games. So if you know you are going to miss a week, please plan accordingly with other players to see if any players are willing to schedule a makeup games for that week.
    • If you miss a day and did not make up for that week. You will still need to purchase a pack for that week(s). When you buy into the next week you attend.
  • Cost of entry: For each League game, players will purchase one Magic the Gathering Pack to add to the winnings pool.
  • The winnings pool will be divided into mains (Group/Bracket) A Main, B Main, and so on. The number of Mains will depend on the total number of players.
    • Every week the points will be totaled, and players will either advance to a higher main, stay in their current main or drop to a lower main.
    • No matter how you perform all players will be competing for prizes within your Main Group on the final week.
    • The prize pool will be divided up between Main/brackets. A Main will have a larger portion of the pool compared to B Main and B Main more than C Main and so on.
  • Your Guild Colors will be rolled at random in store on your randomized wheel.
    • We understand some people just don’t like certain color combinations and we want everyone to have a great time. In the event you absolutely do not like your random color combinations, all players will have the option to buy an extra pack for an extra spin of the wheel. That pack will go into the winnings pool. You are allowed to use this option no more than 3 times.
  • Deck Rules:
    • It must use your given Guild Colors
    • The deck must be $60.00 or less in total value.
    • No Infinite Combo Decks
  • At the end of Week 8, all points will be finalized and whichever Main you fall into will be the main you compete in on week 9.
  • Point Rules, every week the rules for points will be randomly generated. There will be a set of rules that are the same every week. Such as Attendance and some other staples.
    • Winners of the Commander League will have the opportunity to create a new rule to be added to the table of point rules.