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Commander League - War of the Guilds

Arena Games Commander League 8/7/23 – 10/2/23


Rules for War of the Guilds

Resources / Key Dates / Locations:

  1. Discord:
    1. War of the Guilds Discord Channel
    2. Penny#7668 “Penelope”
    3. Specter#8832 “Steve”
    4. Sylvanfox “Joe – Owner”
  2. Webpage:
  3. Facebook: @Cobbcompany
  4. Shop Address: 213 Main Street Charlestown NH 03603
  5. Current Player Count as of 7/19/23 (14 Players)
  6. Start Date August 7th, End Date Oct 2nd
    1. Cut off date to Join is 7/26/23
      1. This is to ensure all players have time to buy and assemble decks.


  1. All players will make a new Command Deck from scratch.
    1. Decks must have a total value of $50 or less at the time of deck registration.
      1. Once the Deck is registered and turned into the shop to be held, there is no altering the deck unless a league event allows it.
      2. You must turn in a written deck list and the deck itself. Pen or Joe will verify the value at time of check in. We use TCGPlayer Market Pricing.
  • Your deck will be stored at the shop behind the counter for the duration of the League.
  1. Your decks color identity will be chosen at random using the “”. The spin must be done in-store with Pen or Joe present. If you cannot make It in to spin at the time, you can contact Pen or Joe on Discord and we will spin for you and add you to the League List.
    1. There are no rerolls, it covers mono up to all 5 colors.
      1. Colorless has been excluded from the spin.
    2. The League is 8 weeks Long
    3. Entry fee and Prize Pool is the following:
      1. Players will purchase a pack from the shop each week prior to playing.
        1. Packs will go into a Prize pool, the winning player “unless special weekly rule states otherwise” from each pod that week will pull a random pack from that prize pool. The remaining packs will be added to the Final Prize pool for week 8.
          1. At the current player count (14) that has a pool of 80 packs for the final week.
        2. Packs can be any sealed Magic Pack the player would like to purchase to add to the pool. Including Sets, Drafts, Collector Booster, Jumpstart
        3. You must Purchase a pack to play. If you miss a week you will have to buy the additional pack the next week you play to ensure all players have contributed equally.
      2. Each week will have a set of goals / rules that will add or subtract points. Points will be used to determine the winners for that week, and eventually to decide the top 4 of week 8 pod.
      3. Days to Play
        1. Each week players will be assigned a pod, that pod will decide which day they can all play.
          1. Primary League Day is Mondays
            1. 6:30pm
          2. Back up days are Wednesdays and Fridays.
            1. The following Monday starts the next week, and you cannot make up missed weekly plays.