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Green Stuff World for Models and Miniatures Silicone Painting Mat 600x400mm 2713

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Green Stuff World’s Silicone Painting Mat 60cm x 40cm

Green Stuff World’s Painting Mat is designed to be the perfect hobby accessory for any painter or sculptor. Made of flexible silicone, it can be rolled up to fit easily in a hobby toolbox. It is full of guides and patterns to practice painting and areas where you can test your blends and color mixtures. The mat is made of a soft-touch silicone that will protect your table from paint spills. It is perfect for any other place that you want to paint and not make a mess. Manufactured in an attractive light bluish color it doesn’t interfere with paint mixtures or with taking pictures. The anti-slip backing provides a firm grip on the table to prevent it from sliding. Easy to clean with water or alcohol; you can even put it in the dishwasher.

Painting Mat Size: 600x400mm (approx. 23.6x15.7inches).

Do not use sharp tools or cutters on this mat as this could damage it.
This is not a cutting mat.

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