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Green Stuff World for Models and Miniatures Silver Series Kolinsky Brush - Size 2 (2355)

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SILVER SERIES Kolinsky Brush - Size 2
Green Stuff World’s SILVER SERIES range of Kolinsky brushes is expertly hand-crafted with a high quality wooden handle and a tip of natural Kolinsky hair, fused together by a brass ferrule. For amateur and experts alike, the SILVER SERIES range of Kolinsky brushes will provide a smooth and crisp painting experience.
These brushes work best with water-based acrylic paints, especially with fine techniques such as washing, blending, and layering. In general, they are recommended for any technique which requires a more diluted medium rather than single stroke or dry brushing techniques.
This type of natural bristle ensures a high absorption of water and paint and excellent elasticity, making it a very technical brush.
Natural brushes require more care than synthetic brushes to avoid loss of firmness and broken hairs. To keep your kolinsky brushes in good condition we recommend cleaning thoroughly and promptly after use and shaping them with our Brush Repair Gel. After cleaning, let them stand with the bristles pointing upwards to avoid deforming the tips.
We do not recommend using Kolinsky brushes for oil paint, since the products used to clean the bristles can deteriorate the natural Kolinsky hair.
Good maintenance of these brushes will ensure their longevity.