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Magic The Gathering Strixhaven Collectors Booster Pack

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Magic The Gathering Strixhaven Set Booster Pack

Which College Will You Choose?

Welcome to Strixhaven, the Multiverse's most prestigious university for the study of magic!

Founded centuries ago by five spellcasting dragons—Strixhaven is divided into five colleges that reflect their founder's magical specialty and distinctive personality.

Silverquill (Black/White): Stylish wordsmiths who master the magic of words, from inspiring battle poetry to biting arcane insults.

Prismari (Red/Blue): Artsy elementalists wielding fire and ice with spells that are spectacles of raw creativity.

Witherbloom (Green/Black): Witchy biologists who brew herbal concoctions to control the essence of life and death.

Lorehold (Red/White): Adventurous historians who bring the spirits of the past to life and call forth magic from ancient tomes.

Quandrix (Blue/Green): Quirky math magicians who study patterns and fractals to command and multiply the forces of nature.

Choose your college and join the duel between schools for some friendly (and a tiny bit deadly) magical competition.

About this item

  • Collector Boosters are supercharged booster packs, loaded with nothing but the best. Each pack includes 15 of the most desirable cards from Strixhaven.

    Each Strixhaven Collector Booster contains:

    • 1 Foil Etched Mystical Archive Rare/Mythic*
    • 1 Foil Etched Mystical Archive Uncommon*
    • 1 Foil Mystical Archive, Borderless, or Extended-Art Rare/Mythic
    • 1 Foil Mystical Archive Uncommon (Japanese Alt-Art Variant in 50% of Collector Boosters)
    • 1 Extended-Art or Borderless Rare/Mythic (May be single or double-faced)
    • 1 Extended-Art Commander 2021 Rare/Mythic
    • 1 Foil Lesson Card
    • 1 Foil Single or Double-Faced Rare/Mythic
    • 2 Foil Uncommons
    • 5 Foil Commons
    • 1 foil Double-Sided token

    (*1 Foil Etched Uncommon/Rare/Mythic Rare is Japanese Alt-Art Variant)