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Milliput Superfine 2-Part Self Hardening Putty, White

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Milliput White is similar to Milliput Standard but more suitable for finer and smaller detailed pieces. Each package contains two separate bars. Upon mixing an equal quantity of each different bar the material starts to harden. It will harden fully in 90 minutes, when it can be carved, sanded, drilled, and sculpted over.
If you are interrupted while you are mixing Milliput, you can put the Milliput into a freezer until you can get back to work. This will keep the product at approximately the same state of setting, as when it was frozen, for up to 24 hours.
- Adding water will allow for extra smooth surfaces.
- Easily merge new layers of Milliput
- It will not stick to your fingers or your tools
- Once dried, it can be carved, sanded, and drilled
- Once dried, it remains very hard
- You may mix it with Plasticine or other clays to save putty and reduce its hardness.
- Heat resistance up to 130ºC

Contains 4 oz if two-part self hardening putty. Instructions on box.

(Sourced through Green Stuff World)