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The Army Painter 2 Part Modeling Clay, 20cm - Moldable Model Putty Modeling Compound for Miniatures

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The Army Painter 2 Part Modeling Clay, 20cm - Moldable Model Putty Modeling Compound for Miniatures, Easy-to-Knead Green Putty Epoxy Clay for Sculpting - The Original Green Stuff Kneadatite

Easily Customise and Transform your Models and Art Pieces — Some wargamers face the problem of not having their models exactly the way they want. With THE ORIGINAL GREEN STUFF KNEADATITE, you can SCULPT, MOULD, FILL OUT GAPS on your miniatures with no sweat!

Strengthen Miniature Joints and Attachments — Many larger miniatures have intricate joints and details to be glued as one, but over time, these joints become weaknesses. Green Stuff is an excellent tool to strengthen these joints.

TIP: Start with 1:1 ratio and experiment with ratios as your needs change. If you're looking for something that holds more detail, use a little bit amount of yellow, but if you want something that hardens quicker and is much more rigid, use a little bit more blue.

Green stuff FOR GLUING! You may also use this epoxy clay to glue parts. A super trick for gluing big metal parts together is to glue a ball of Green Stuff on one component before adding a tiny drop of super glue on the other. Press the 2 parts together tightly. The glue quickly hardens the Greenstuff, which draws the two components together.

UPGRADE YOUR MODELS — Create stunning and intricate details to make your small and normal sized minis stand out on the tabletop or gallery. Try creating simple accessories to develop your hobby skills. Green Stuff is a really great product to use especially if you are a beginner because it encourages your creativity and opens up infinite possibilities for your hobby.

* Wear gloves to avoid fingerprints. Constantly dip your fingers and modeling tools in water to make working faster and more convenient.