The Army Painter Drybrush Hobby Brush BR7015

The Army Painter Drybrush Hobby Brush BR7015

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The Army Painter Hobby Drybrush is a flat bristle brush specifically designed for miniature painters to get the dry brushing technique right.

The nature of this painting technique is damaging to the wrong artist brushes — those expensive ones with bristles that are too soft. Our Hobby Drybrush is a long-handle miniature artist brush made with stiff bristles with coarse and flat shape, allowing you to do dry brushing on your minis much quicker and easier than when you’re using a different kind of brush.

Create more stunning minis that are worth displaying on the game table — When the technique is done properly, you can build up nice highlights and define sharp edges. Looking at your finished miniature models, you’ll gain more confidence in your miniature painting abilities.

CARE TIP: Recondition your brush with a brush conditioner or cleaner. A hair conditioner may also work. Use warm water, wipe the brush across as you work up a lather. Use your fingers to put the bristle head to its original shape. Rinse off thoroughly.