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The Army Painter - Mega Brush Set with 10 Miniature Paint Brushes Including Free Masterclass Kolinsky Sable Hair Brush and Sculpting Tools Set with Three Double Ended Stainless Steel Tools

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"STILL WORRIED ABOUT BREAKING YOUR BUDGET JUST TO GET THOSE EXPENSIVE PROFESSIONAL PAINT BRUSHES? Lo and behold The Army Painter’s Wargames Mega Brush Set! The ultimate set of essential brushes for wargamers! Combining premium quality materials, innovative, ergonomic designs and practicable price, The Army Painter Mega Brush Set is truly an exceptional brush for wargamers Intact Base and No-stray Bristles — The ferrules are made of strong, rust-resistant nickel that prevents corroding and rotting. They feature a double-wall design that provides a solid attachment to the end of the handle, making sure the brush doesn’t wobble while you paint and its structure stays together even with regular use. // These sculpting tools when used in conjunction with Green Stuff offer the modeling hobbyist a range of different shapes for any sculpting project "