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Van Ryder Games Final Girl: Slaughter in The Groves – Inkanyamba (Expansion S1)

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Final Girl: Series 1 - Slaughter in the Groves Feature Film Expansion
Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the `Ancient Groves` in Africa to see ancient and beautiful settings, artifacts, and places of worship. Vacations turn to nightmares when the masked killer, Inkanyamba, arrives to exact revenge on behalf of the gods. Requires the Final Girl: Core Box to play.

Single Player games - Ages 14+

Included in this box:

  • Detachable Killer Board
  • Detachable Location Board
  • 2 Final Girls Cards
  • 2 Action Cards
  • 24 Terror Cards
  • 3 Dark Power Cards
  • 1 Epic Dark Power Card
  • 3 Finale Cards
  • 17 Item Cards
  • 10 Event Cards
  • 5 Setup Cards
  • 2 Rules Sheets
  • 5 Tokens
  • 2 Wrath Cards
  • 1 Finale Token
  • 1 Bloodlust Track