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All three Fantasy  Flight Games Star Wars roleplaying games are compatible. Play them individually or combine them to create a unique group of adventurers from across the galaxy!

Edge of the Empire came first, and showcases life on the fringes of the galaxy in all of its glory. Evil hives of scum and villainy abound as bounty hunters, smugglers, hired guns and outlaw techs populate this world. Edge of the Empire introduces Obligation, a mechanic all about owing favors, having a bounty on your head, or simply having a debt to pay to a seedy underworld patron. If you’ve ever wanted to play characters like Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett or run your own criminal empire like Jabba the Hutt, then this game line is for you.

Age of Rebellion is all about the epic struggle between the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire. With this second Core Rulebook, you can be an active part of the official Rebel Alliance, or part of an independent cell looking to do its part to oppose the Empire. Age of Rebellion introduces Duty, a mechanic representing the primary way the character looks to contribute to the Rebellion. Get enough Duty to up your Contribution rating, and you’ll get better gear and support for your missions. If you’ve ever wanted to play characters like Princess Leia, Wedge Antilles or Admiral Ackbar, then Age of Rebellion is your game.

Force and Destiny is the final piece of the puzzle with a focus on rebuilding the Jedi Order, and avoiding the temptations of the Dark Side. Force and Destiny provides a complete suite of Force powers, 5 different types of Lightsabers, and other Force traditions to play in addition to the Jedi. A new Morality mechanic is introduced, representing your character’s internal conflict against taking the easy path of the Dark Side. If you’ve ever wanted to play characters like Luke Skywalker, Corran Horn, or Kyp Durron, then you’ll want to check out Force & Destiny.

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